Our Story

Chuck and Kris Kusak photo

*Kusak's story begins with a Dream. A young Moravian boy, Anton Kusak, our founder, dreamed of learning a trade, and gaining a skill set that would allow him and his future family a better life. He discovered his hopes could be fulfilled with beautifully designed fine crystal.


In 1906, Anton was accepted into an apprenticeship  at the well known Czechoslovakian glass factory Kevete where, remarkably, he finished the four year program in three years. Once receiving his papers he set off for America hoping his dreams and hopes would be fulfilled.  This journey, which began in a small moravian town, went from Europe to New York, and settling with his young family in Seattle, Washington.  In each move he discovered another part of his dream coming true.  He started Kusak Cut Glass Works in 1914 and the company continued with the leadership of his son, Tony Kusak, and grandson Chuck Kusak for 105 years.  Our Hallmark has always been The Best in Quality, Selection and Service in crystal glass.

Now our original family dream expands with the internet and e-commerce, and in the process giving the special opportunity for so many, the joy and pleasure of using fine Kusak crystal in your homes.

* Our whole story is available, " In Excellent Company, The History of Kusak Cut Glass Works". This is an in depth beautifully written account of  an 100 year plus adventure.


Our Sincere Thanks,
Anton C. “Chuck” Kusak III


As featured by our friends at the Seattle Times
Chuck and Kris Kusak standing next to our showroom's flagship chandelier.