Welcome to Kusak Cut Glass Works, where handmade crystal art meets everyday life. Our stunning, hand blown and hand cut inventory* created by old world craftsmen, is truly a sight to behold. Kusak's handmade Artisan Crystal looks, feels and sounds better than any machine pressed glassware ever could. We recently discovered stock from the 1950's, 60's and early 70's which is now "retro" and very much in style. Kusak's fine crystal adds a WOW factor. Your family and friends will immediately notice, whether it's a Special Occasion or 5 o'clock somewhere, that anything in Kusak crystal looks and tastes better. For over 100 years Czech Artisan Crystal is our family passion and to your families we extend these magnificent pieces for a fraction of the cost.

These stems are valued from $35 to $50 each, now selling for $35 per set of four. You can now enjoy this fine handmade lead free crystal stemware at this amazing price. Do celebrate your next get together and watch how you and your guests will feel when served from Kusak's fine crystal. Please visit often, we are constantly adding more Crystal pieces from other collections to enhance everyday life.

~~~~~ Chuck and Kris Kusak ~~~~~

* This crystal is in its original packing paper and will need to be washed before use.

Kusak Cut Glass Works has sold our Corporate and Golf Awards division. This new company has created a division named Kusak Crystal. Please contact Colleen Zilmer at www.Kusak.com for all your beautiful crystal corporate and golf awards.

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